Lace Tableware

Tablecloths from Germany, USA and Scotland

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Lace Tablecloths from Scotland and Germany are our specialty since they are among the most sought after.    The Scottish collection is 95% Cotton and 5% Polyester.  The German collection contains 100% Polyester.     The Tablecloths we offer are very sturdy and washable.   Customers have many choices of configuration.  There are Round, Oval, Square, Oblong and especially Rectangular Lace Tablecloths.  Olde Worlde Lace has chosen attractive Table Settings that are of the finest quality.
Heritage Tablecloths Heritage Lace  products makes their products in the USA.  Customers can order Lace Curtains to match the Tablecloth patterns.  We offer, in addition, matching Lace Place Mats.  Heritage Tablecloths are constructed of 100% Polyester.