Heritage Lace Curtains

Heritage Lace Curtains Made in the USA

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Heritage Lace Curtains is the only company that designs and weaves their window coverings in the United States.  Their weaving mill is located in North Carolina.  This enables Heritage to consistently maintain control over the quality of their lace.  Most of all, one of the distinct advantages is that they can create new designs for a changing market. Designing new lace panels begins with a drawing created by a Heritage staff member.  It is then programmed into a digital computer.  This converts  the design into a finished lace product.  Especially relevant is that this local process, created by a local designer enables Heritage to stay on the forefront of current design trends.  Heritage Lace has been a stand-out leader in this field since 1975.  Be sure to visit their products including matching Lace Tablecloths on our web site.