Heritage French Macrame

Heritage French Macrame Valances and Tiers

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Heritage French Macrame Valances and Tiers are a very different look from all of the other imported Valances we offer. The beauty of Heritage Macrame Lace is the much greater weight purposely woven in, very much a European look. They are also a Cotton/Poly blend unlike the others. All four patterns are very sturdy and washable. We offer this authentic Macrame Lace by the foot as wide as you wish so that you can custom fit to any size window without a seam. The method used for ordering depends on how full you wish the look to be. In Europe the generally used fullness is a width of valance equal to 1 1/4 times the rod length. In the U.S. we tend to add a bit more fullness amounting to 1 1/2 times the rod size. Anything fuller would tend to hide the pattern.