History of German Macrame

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German Macrame Imports are historically very interesting. They were extremely popular in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In fact, the US was the number one market for German Lace at that time. The Lace you see here is manufactured in mills located in former East Germany.  During World War II the factories were destroyed  and, once rebuilt, were nationalized by the East German government.  The East German government controlled all Lace production.   Special Exporters, also owned by the government, sent out the production. After the Berlin Wall came down, the grandchildren of the factory founders bought back the factories and have been producing this fine quality Macrame Ring Lace ever since.

How to Order

This Macrame is sold BY THE FOOT.  You can order as many feet as will cover the width of a narrow or wide window. There is no need to finish the ends because it will not unravel. Figuring the amount of footage you need is easy.  Measure the length of the rod that you have in inches and multiply that figure by 1 1/2 times. The answer, divided by 12, will be how many feet you need. If your rod, for example, is 40 inches long the formula would be 1 1/2 X 40 = 60. 60 divided by 12 = 5. You need 5 feet.