Bay Window Ideas

What makes bay windows different are the many ways you can change the look of the room depending on how you differ the window treatment design. Once you have decided on the amount of formality you wish to create you can start on the various options for the final design.

There are always three or more separate windows that are involved in a bay. The most obvious design would be to do them as three windows using three separate but equal treatments. This certainly can be accomplished effectively but they can also be treated as one large window in many different ways. One attractive method would be to have a tied back panel on each of the far sides of the bay and a Valance that stretches over all of the windows. This creates a one window look and usually has the effect of enlarging the room. As one window treatment there is a greater ease of combining it with a furniture setting as one whole decorative unit. It is always better not to feature the windows separately, as you would with three separate window coverings but to include them in the whole room setting. We believe this is accomplished by treating the bay as one window.

Using this same one window approach you could install one macrame ring lace valance across all of the windows and macrame tiers in each window separately. If there is a privacy need you can use a pleated shade or mini-blind in each window. By combining the two ideas you can have tied back panels on each side, a valance across the entire length of the bay and separate tiers or cafe panels in each separate window.

With special order curtain rods you can even have draperies and sheers that open and close across the entire bay. A valance can be added as well.  As you can see the only limiting feature is your need for more or less privacy.  Actually, if you think about it, you can also treat two or more adjacent window on a wall with the same one window type options.  If you have a corner with a window on each side it can be treated in the same manner.  We hope that we have given you a couple of useful ideas.  More ideas with different window types can be seen on our other pages.

Best of luck with your designing.

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