Nottingham Cotton Lace Curtains

Nottingham Lace Curtain Panels imported from Scotland are featured in this section of our Olde Worlde Lace web site. They are considered the finest examples of Cotton Lace Panels available anywhere. The many quality traditional patterns are woven on 100 year old looms by craftsmen using fine old Victorian and Arts and Crafts designs. Quite a few of these lace curtain patterns are taken from old archives and are historically correct. Others of them are Art Neauveau or more Contemporary. Be sure to consider these fine choices when choosing what lace window coverings will grace your home. Be sure to read our page on ways to Decorate with Lace Curtains as well. You should also visit our very different Madras Cotton Lace Curtains, a different style of Lace Curtains also made on Nottingham looms of Cotton but woven quite differently.

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