Cotton or Polyester Lace Curtains | Which to buy?

Lace Curtains are manufactured from Lace Curtain Fabric which has been woven or knitted from Polyester or Cotton yarns. Each of them are exceptionally durable and each have a different set of advantages. These individual advantages can have a bearing on which Curtains you decide will meet your needs. The background and history of the methods used in the production are very interesting.  Our Nottingham and Madras lace curtains are woven from Cotton on 100 year old looms and imported from Scotland. Please remember that both are excellent choices but for differing reasons.


Cotton lace curtains have a soft, natural feel or, as we say in the trade a more “soft hand” than Polyester. If you wish to change the color Cotton takes dye very well. That may be an advantage when staining is involved. Our Lace Curtains made of Cotton have a richer body and softness than their Polyester sisters. This material irons well and can withstand moderate heat. There are many more traditional patterns available in Cotton. Cotton is a natural fiber free of chemicals and is hypoallergenic. Although Cotton is durable it is more susceptible to sun damage than Polyester. Cotton goods are generally a little more costly. Care in washing is required for Cotton Lace Curtains. After hand washing you can expect some shrinking in length up to 3% after washing. This can sometimes be minimized if stretched while damp or by ironing. The Nottingham Lace Curtains we offer do contain a 5% vertical inclusion of Polyester to stabilize and minimize that effect. You will find many more of the traditional Victorian or European designs in Cotton. We frequently have orders from Restoration and Historical site projects, and they always prefer Cotton.


 A Lace Curtain created from Polyester has its own advantages and is a bit more economical way to add to the beauty of any room.  Polyester Lace Curtains are long lasting and durable. They are easily washed and resist wrinkling when laundered in cool to warm water on the gently cycle of your washing machine. For best results rehang immediately after the spin cycle is completed. Polyester is plastic and a derivative of petroleum which makes it resistant to mildew.   Polyester material requires little or no ironing. For those of us who like perfect pleats the Polyester Curtains have a mind of their own. This makes them more difficult to arrange into pleats without flaring. Polyester does not take ordinary dyes and requires special dyes if you plan to change color.  There are some traditional patterns in Polyester and many more contemporary designs in Polyester.


We have customers that are fans of one or the other, some for cotton lace curtains, some for polyester. We only carry the finest quality of both, Polyester made in the U.S.A and Cotton Lace Curtains imported from Scotland.  You will have to make the final call on which to use. I hope this will be of some help when making your decision to order lace window coverings. Be sure to see our many other suggestions on decorating or sewing.


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