Custom Lace Panels

We are very fortunate to be able to offer you our imported fixed width and standard length Scottish Lace Panels in any length up to 122 inches. Also available is Lace by the yard for complete custom projects. The patterns also vary in widths, however, due to the set woven patterns, the widths cannot be changed.  Our fixed standard design lengths are also available in several sizes up to 127 inches all with finished scalloped bottoms . Both the Nottingham and Madras styles can be ordered in custom lengths. Nottingham Cotton Lace fabric also can be ordered in any amount needed that will complete your project. Of course, the yardage does not come with a scalloped bottom hem. Click on one of the three links below to see the three choices.

Madras Cotton Lace Curtains imported from Scotland

Nottingham Cotton Lace Yardage

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