Care and Cleaning


Just follow the washing instructions below to keep your beautiful Lace Curtains, Macrame and Lace Tablecloths will look their spotlessly clean best for a long time to come.

100% COTTON, 100% POLYVISCOSE OR A COTTON/POLY BLEND TABLECLOTHS –Fine Lace Tablecloths are machine washable best in cold water on a gently cycle.and hang to dry. If necessary use a cool iron to take out stubborn wrinkles..


100% POLYESTER LACE CURTAINS, TABLECLOTHS AND PLACE MATS – These fine items are machine washable using warm water on a gentle cycle.  Do not bleach. Tumble dry until damp and then line dry.


33% COTTON/67% POLYESTER HERITAGE MACRAME – Machine wash using warm water on a gently cycle.  Do not bleach.  Tumble dry until damp and then line dry.


100% COTTON OR 95% COTTON/5% POLYESTER NOTTINGHAM SCOTTISH LACE PANELS – Wash in cold water with a mild detergent, either by hand or on the delicate cycle.  Never put these panels in a tumble dryer.  The best method is to simply hang them back up on the rod, if just slightly damp, or drape them over a shower rod.  Do not hang Madras or Nottingham panels on a line because the curved deflection of the line, as it sags under the panel weight, may distort the shape of the lace.  Should you find that they are wrinkled when dry, simply touch them up with an iron.  Because they are cotton they may shrink slightly after they have been washed.  You can often iron them back into shape if they are still damp.  Use a cool iron.