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Lace Curtains are our Specialty

We cordially invite you to browse through our site to find the perfect Sheer Curtain Panels and much more for your home.

Lace Curtain Design Ideas

Included within several pages of this site are articles we hope will be helpful in assisting you in choosing the perfect Sheer Curtain treatments for your home.

We have many years of experience that we bring to this site. That is very important to us. After all, our reputation depends on how great our window coverings will look in your home. You may want to read the section Design Ideas which lists many articles we hope will be helpful.

Many of our customers wonder whether to use Cotton or Polyester curtains when considering durability or price. One article talks about how to measure.  There is a section on Care and Cleaning. Most importantly, are examples of varying styles to use. Our articles come from our many years in the Interior Decorating field with a great deal of input from our satisfied customers.

Lace Sewing Instructions When Purchasing Yardage

We offer Yardage for Curtains for Do-It-Your-selfers. There is an additional section on our menu entitled SEWING INSTRUCTIONS which contains a very complete series of HOW TO articles if you are interested in sewing curtains or draperies on your own.

There are a total of six articles ranging from the very basic instructions of how to sew curtains to the more complicated but very important method of figuring patterns repeats. We hope that these articles, which were written by us and published in an “Ezine Magazine” will be helpful for you.

More importantly, if in doubt, pick up the phone and call us toll free at (855) 478-5223. We are always happiest when discussing Window Coverings and the many styles that can be used.

We’re very proud of what our customers say about our products!

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