Decorating with Lace Curtains



You can really enjoy creating your very own professional looking decor by stretching your imagination.  These pictures of various window coverings are just a start.  You can probably think of many other attractive ways to arrive at your own personal choices of Lace Curtain treatments.  In fact, you could even vary the treatments by purchasing Lace Yardage and sewing your own version of a window treatment.



Valance and Tier

This is an example of a Lace Valance and Tier combination used in the simplest way inside the window jambs.  It could just as well be mounted on rods outside of the window jams.  In this picture we used a bolder Macrame Ring Lace.  This type of look can also be accomplished with Lace Curtain fabric purchased by the yard.

Swag Pair and in-between Valance

Another more formal look would be to use a Swag Pair on the sides with a Valance between the Swag sides and a pair of Lace Panels.  An Insert Valance is not necessary if you have a narrower window.  Two Insert Valances can even be used to span a wider window.

Arched Window

By using your imagination the same treatment can be used in a completely different way depending on the configuration of the window.  Sheer curtains such as these are can be used where privacy in not important.  In addition to this idea you could even bend a metal rod to the shape of the crescent window on top for the Swag Pair and in between Valance so that it would follow the curve of the window (See additional article below.

Tied Back or Straight

As you can see, by tying back the Panels you gain a view of the outside but lose the privacy.  Because the Lace Panels generally wrinkle where they are tied back you should decide which way you prefer and leave the Panels eigher permanently tied back or hanging straight.  These are fairly sheer lace curtains.

One Treatment – Two Windows

This is a good way to make two windows look like one.  As a matter of fact, if these two windows were in a corner with each on a separate wall you could do the same thing making the whole corner wider looking, lighter and brighter.  A three window bay as lace kithcen curtains could be treated similarly.  You could still, of course, treat each as a separate window and hang two or three separate Lace Curtains.

One Piece Swag

The treatment using a one piece Lace Swag is limited to a fairly narrow window because there is no way to insert a Valance in the middle.  It is a very effective treatment either with a short Tier as in this picture or with a full length Panel.

Special Festoon Valance

A Festoon Valance along with lace curtainpanels are also used on a fairly narrow window but you could create an entirely different look on a wider window by using two Festoons side by side.


A Festoon in this case or a straight Valance can be used over two Lace Panels criss-crossed and tied back to each side for a totally different and beautiful effect called a Priscilla.  This treatment involves three rods.

Everything – Swag Pair, Valance, Tier and Pair of Panels

In this picture just about every type of component has been used to create still another historic lace curtain design look.  There is a Swag Pair and an in-between Valance over a Pair of full length Panels tied back with a Tier used inside the window jambs.


After reviewing these many different ideas perhaps you can also revise them to fit your needs. Happy Decorating

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