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Construction Tips to Design Windows with Window Coverings in mind

Draperies, Lace Curtains, Blinds and Window Coverings of all sorts are frequently not even considered when a homeowner discusses the details of construction of their new home with the builder. They most certainly should be.

There are a number of details that will prove very important further down the line to help create a beautiful room setting. These items should be discussed during construction. Often, they cannot be changed later.

Eleven Important Construction Tips to Place Windows Properly

  1. The normal header or higher backing should be extended to either side to accommodate the rod bracket screws. This is especially important if heavy duty motorized drapery rods or decorator rods are used.
  2. It is fairly common for windows to be installed adjacent to a corner. This can many times be changed to a location far enough away from the corner to allow for drapery panels to be used on each side of the window far enough to clear the glass on both sides.
  3. Many housing plans call for a small window close to the ceiling for lighting purposes. That is fine except that it should be designed to fit the décor.
  4. Arched windows and angle top windows are always dramatic but the internal décor of the room should be considered as well. A traditional room setting will be enhanced by an attractive arched window but perhaps not with an angle top window.
  5. If there is a choice of having several windows next to each other the exact location should be discussed from the standpoint of not only the window treatment but how the overall look will influence the ultimate interior design.
  6. Built in cornices may be desirable design and can be accommodated at the time of construction.
  7. Occasionally a window is built in partially above a fireplace hearth necessitating a drapery that hangs partially to the floor and partially to the hearth level which is awkward.
  8. When using custom window coverings the planning can be whatever you wish it to be. If you plan on using ready made window coverings they are made in fixed sizes and the planning will be restricted by what sizes are available.
  9. Be sure to consider the ramifications of the placement and construction of every window in your new home with these and other window covering requirements.
  10. The end result will always be more successful if your planning is done in discussions with the builder before construction starts. I hope this has been of help.

If you have a problem with any of these suggestions we are here to help. Email us or call us at 855-478-5223.

Good Luck with your project.

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