Lace Curtain Yardage

Lace curtain yardage is probably the most difficult fabric to find either on-line or in brick and mortar stores.  We have what we consider an excellent selection of bolt curtain lace for your consideration.  One of the considerations would be the look from the exterior.  The patterns range from very formal to whimsical and include several samples of  “crushed lace fabric” textures.  IF YOU WISH YOU CAN Contact Us TO REQUEST FREE SAMPLES (up to 4) BEFORE ORDERING. 

Figuring the amount of yardage you need including allowance for fullness, hems and pattern repeats is sometimes difficult.  We look forward to hearing from you so that, together, we can make sure you order enough without over ordering.  Give us a call on our toll free 1-GR8-LACE (1-855-478-5223.
*FREE SHIPPING – Combined orders over $75 – NO SALES TAX(except Calif)*