Ten Most Popular Lace Curtain Patterns

“Which patterns are most frequently chosen?” is a question that is asked by our customers over and over again. Following are the favorite Polyester and favorite Cotton Lace Curtains that seem to be very popular, but don’t stop there. Be sure to look through  OUR OTHER 100 DESIGNS to make sure you find what is perfect for your decor. We have many other designs that are ordered as well.

Heritage U.S.A. Polyester – Bristol Garden, English Ivy, Tea Rose, Victorian Rose, and Daisy.

Cotton imported from Scotland – Rennie, Lindsay, Alexandra, Highland Rose and Lucynda.

Don’t let the fact that some are Polyester and others are Cotton limit you. There are advantages using either of them and we discuss Cotton versus Polyester on another page.

Bristol Garden – Polyester
Heritage Tea Rose Lace Curtain pattern
Tea Rose -Polyester
English Ivy – Polyester
Victorian Rose Lace Tier Design
Victorian Rose- Polyester
Daisy Lace Curtain Design
Lindsay Cotton Lace Curtain Design
Nottingham Lindsey-Cotton
Alexandra Nottingham Lace Curtain Design
Nottingham – Highland Rose
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