Cotton or Polyester


Lace Curtains are woven or knitted on looms using either Cotton or Polyester.  Both Polyester and Cotton are durable yarns that have differing advantages. These characteristics of each will surely affect your decision on which of the two choices to consider. On our site we offer Heritage lace curtains which are 100% Polyester. They are the only lace curtains of either material that are made in the U.S.A. Our Nottingham lace curtains are woven from Cotton on 100 year old looms and imported from Scotland. Please remember that both are excellent choices but for different reasons.


coventry lace panel

Polyester has it’s fans. Polyester does have some advantages when considering its use for lace curtains and lace draperies in your home. Polyester curtains are more stable. They wash well and resist wrinkling and shrinking. They do well when using cool to warm water in a gentle cycle. For the best results rehang immediately after the spin cycle is completed. Polyester material requires little or no ironing. Another advantage is that Polyester is resistant to mildew which makes it ideal to use for shower curtains and bathroom tiers and valances. Generally curtains made from Polyester, a derivative of petroleum, are less expensive. One disadvantage of using this material is that it tends to flare and is a little more difficult to arrange in pleats. Another disadvantage is that you have to use a somewhat difficult to use special dye if you wish to change colors.


Rebecca Cotton Lace Panel

Cotton lace curtains have a more natural feel or have a natural hand which is the way it is described in the trade. Cotton is durable but more susceptible to wear and tear and sun damage than Polyester. There are several important features that cotton brings to curtains that should be considered. Cotton does have a softer overall warm look. If you wish to change the color cotton takes dye very well. That may be an advantage when staining is involved. They can also be bleached. Cotton irons well and can withstand heat. There definitely are more traditional patterns available in Cotton. One disadvantage is that a Cotton lace curtain, after hand washing, can shrink or lengthen up to 3% after washing and reshaping. The Nottingham lace curtains we offer do contain a 5% vertical inclusion of Polyester to stabilize and minimize that effect. Ironing to reshape can improve the shrinkage.


We have customers that are fans of one or the other, some for cotton, some for polyester. We only carry the finest quality of both.  You will have to make the final call on which to use. I hope this will be of some help when making your decision to order lace window coverings. Be sure to see our many other suggestions on decorating or sewing. Go to the one section that shows every Lace Curtain, be it Polyester or Cotton.