Cotton or Polyester

Advantages and disadvantages of cotton or polyester lace curtains

Both polyester and cotton are durable fabrics. Is polyester best for lace curtains or is cotton best to use for lace curtains?  Our Heritage lace curtains are all of 100% Polyester as are all of our lace yardage. Our Nottingham lace curtains are woven from Cotton.


Polyester does have some distinct advantages when considering its use for lace curtains and lace draperies for your home. Start with the important characteristics of polyester.

Polyester curtains resist stretching.

Do polyester lace curtains shrink? Actually they do but not nearly as much as cotton.

Polyester fabric is resistant to mildew. It is ideal to use for shower curtains and bathroom tiers and valances.

Most polyester laces hang well. Polyester fibers are often mixed with cotton and wool because they hang better.

Polyester material is washed in warm water in the gentle cycle and hang after the spin cycle.

Polyester material requires little to no ironing.

Polyester does not take a dye if a different color is required.

Generally Polyester is less expensive.


Cotton lace curtains have a more natural feel or has a natural hand which is the way it is described in the trade. Cotton is durable but more susceptible to wear and tear than Polyester. Here are some of the major characteristics of cotton to consider:

Cotton has a softer overall warm look.

Cotton irons well and can withstand heat.

Cotton fabric is subject to staining but can be bleached.

Cotton used in the bathroom is more susceptible to mildew.

Cotton draperies will wear more quickly when exposed to the sun

Do cotton lace curtains shrink?  Unfortunately they do depending on humidity and other factors.

Cotton can be dyed any color you need

Nottingham lace window coverings imported from Scotland are woven from cotton.

We have customers that are fans of one or the other, either cotton or polyester. We only carry the finest of both. You will have to make the final call on which to use. I hope this will be of some help when making your decision when purchasing lace window coverings. Don’t forget you go to our many other suggestions on decorating or sewing.