Lace Place Mats

Lace Place Mats from Heritage help create an attractive table setting.  There are matching Heritage Lace Curtains for every Lace Place Mat.  In addition, several of them also match Lace Tablecloths that come in a variety of shapes and sizes including rectangles, square, round and oval.  The Lace Place Mat patterns are all available in sets of six.  Most of them are available in both Ecru and White.  A unique twist may be to use a White Place Mat on an Ecru Tablecloth or vice versa.  Several of them, however, are available only in White. Use of a Lace Place Mat on a solid color Tablecloth is a striking affect.  All of the patterns except Canterbury are 100% Polyester.  Canterbury has a Cotton/Rayon blend.  Our Care and Cleaning article includes proper cleaning procedures.  A set of our Place Mats will last for years with proper cleaning treatment.
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